Welcome! I’m lots of things, but one is an Illustration student at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. This site is eventually going to be my professional illustrator site, but in the meantime I’m going to chronicle my journey.

I’ve been writing YA and romance novels for a little while, and have become interested in branching out into picture books. Of course I plan to write them, and I’ve been working on learning that new craft. But I also want to illustrate them myself—and this is why I decide to formally study illustration. For me, I love structured study (this is my sixth degree, after all). I found a good program offered entirely online. As of July 2021, I’m less than a year in, but have less than two years to go at this point. I’ve already improved a great deal (I think) since first starting out.

I was a serious artist into high school, but gave it up my junior year in favor of math and science. I’ve dabbled in art a few times since then, but a few months into the pandemic, I had a major shift in interests and dove back in full force.

On this site, you will find my blog, where I’m chronicling my journey, and my existing portfolio.