Landscape Studies in Ink and Acrylic

Landscape Studies in Ink and Acrylic

Although I ended up having to drop it because of time constraints, I took Landscape Painting for a few weeks. I was excited to learn this better, because I want to eventually do paintings based on the photos I took during all the traveling I did in my 20s. All I got to was studies, but they’ve been kind of fun because I’ve been working in ink (just using a single 0.5 Topic Multiliner SP pen). Most weeks, we have field studies to do, and we’ve had to do several in ink and then one 8 x 10 inch value study in grayscale acrylic paint. We’ve also had to do some “master studies,” where we recreate famous paintings in ink or grayscale paint. Here are a handful of my ink field studies (these are from the first week):

These are all views around the downtown Renton library. Here are a couple of the master studies I did in the first week:

I’m not sure who the artist is in the above one, but the next one is a Monet:

The next week, I did some fields studies around my house. Here are a few:

Then I also did a painted value study of the first one of these, which came out like this:

That’s as far as I got. I’m going to have to retake the class in the fall, so I’ll actually get to the color studies then. But I enjoyed these so far. But it’s not easy, for sure.